Monsters are coming to Solana!

Monster Rooms is a brand new mobile game, in which players can customize their rooms with NFTs, invade other playersโ€™ environments, tease them with naughty pranks and collect resources to climb the leaderboard.

It is on its way to become one of the most popular games on iOS, PlayStore and Solana, thanks to its unique design, branding, engaging gameplay, and the impressive track record of its development team.

The first step of Monster Rooms consists of the Monsters PFP Drop. Learn more about the drop here.

The ultimate goal of this brand-new game is to create a massive onboarding movement from Web2 to Web3. After the early access phase, during which early adopters will gain a significant advantage by owning their unique Mythic Monsters, the game will be released on the Android and iOS stores. It will be heavily promoted on social media and through performance marketing campaigns with a significant budget allocation.

Web2 players who start playing will soon discover a thriving secondary market, realizing that their assets have value. They can purchase rare and valuable items from other users, as well as sell them. This mechanics will gradually turn them into active players in the Web3 world dominated by the holders of Monster Rooms NFTs.

But does the team have enough experience to make it in the mobile world? The last time we released a mobile app, we reached 3 million downloads, and that was just for iOS! You can check it out; it's called Buddywatch.


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