Monster Rooms x....

Before, during and after the launch Monster Rooms will engage in collabs with other companies, not only from Web3 but also from other industries.

Our goal is to build and improve the brand reputation and creating value to the Monster Rooms and other companies' communities. Following, you can find the collab list:

Magic Eden x Monster Rooms

Our first collaboraton is with Magic Eden, the biggest NFT Marketplace on Solana.

We're not only dropping Monster Rooms PFPs on Magic Eden, but we are also collaborating by airdropping to Monster PFP holders exclusive Magic Eden-branded items. Namely:

  • ME Couch

  • ME Led Light

  • Emmy's Poster

  • ME Screen Saver

  • ME Mug

  • ME Crystal Ball 🔮 and Vase setup

  • ME Vase

  • ME Puff

  • ME Table Lamp

Plus, we're releasing a 1/1 Honorary animated Monster PFP of Emmy!

Official Announcement here.

Solana Mobile x Monster Rooms

Our second collaboration is with Solana Mobile 💣

Solana Mobile (Saga) users will be able to claim from the Saga dApp Store the exclusive Solana-branded items that will be playable within the game. Namely:

  • Sol Window

  • Sol Couch

  • Chapter 2 Lamp

  • Solana Mobile Kit

  • Saga x Cubosaurus Poster

Official Announcement here.

Wuffi x Monster Rooms

Yes, we are airdropping $WUF to each Monster PFP in your Solana wallet 👀 WUF is the next generation memecoin and a immense Web3 community!

Official Announcement here.

Polyverse x Monster Rooms

We are airdropping Polyverse tokens to each Monster PFP in your Solana wallet 👀 Polyverse is a major gaming project backed with multiple investors, and with one of the strongest communities. Learn more about Polyverse here. Official announcement here.

NFTV x Monster Rooms

On May 31st, we distributed 70,000 NFTV tokens to Monster Rooms PFP stakers. NFTV is a popular Web3 community which creates cross chain utility tools to improve the user experience on WAX and Solana. There are already utilities connected to the token, and more are coming (like a bridge from SOL to WAX).

More to come...

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