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Where Monster Rooms is going to happen

Monster Rooms is a brand new mobile game, in which players can customize their rooms with NFTs, invade other playersโ€™ environments, tease them with naughty pranks and collect in-game currency based on their assets & pranks to climb the leaderboard.

Players can purchase assets within the game shop, as well as on Web3 drops and secondary market. They can also collect them through the game and community events.

Asset Collection

The player has the option to either buy or discover various types of assets from chests. Assets have different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic. There are multiple ways to obtain assets:

  • Purchase from the Shop for WBucks or Nuggets

  • Open Chests

  • Earn through special events and quests

  • Buy from Web3 Drops or NFT secondary market (see Web3)

Once the asset is claimed, it gets stored in the player's Inventory.

Style Score & Leaderboard

The player aims to boost their Style Score in order to reach the top of the global Leaderboard.

Scoring points can be accomplished by using assets to customize and improve the Environment. The more items within the Environment, the higher Style Score and therefore Leaderboard position.

The assets have different rarities, and based on the rarity they give players a specific amount of Style Score points.


Pranks are the way in which players can interact with each other inside the game.

Pranks are assets that can be used to disrupt other's Environment. Being pranked reduces the Style Score, and the pranker gains Wbucks. The victim also gets WBucks and gets back their original Style Score, when cleaning up the mess!

Transfer To Chain

All the assets are also NFTs and can be transformed into NFTs and transferred to the blockchain. It is possible also to bring NFTs from Solana into the game. Learn more about Web3 mechanics here.

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