Wug's Main Currency

The in-game currencies are WBucks and Nuggets.

Only WBucks are integrated with web3 mechanics.

WBucks is not going to be a cryptocurrency, but it can be tokenized into an NFT that contains a specific amount of WBucks.

The users can at any time convert in-game WBucks in WBucks NFT, and the other way round.

The WBucks NFT can be only converted into fixed amounts. For example:

  • NFT Small - 1000 WBucks

  • NFT Big - 5000 WBucks

  • NFT Whale - 25000 WBucks

(numbers are provisional and may subject to change)


WBucks can be collected by:

WBucks can also be traded for Nuggets inside the game. Nuggets are the premium currency and can be obtained for fiat in the game shop.

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