Mobile, but on Solana!

The game integrates Web3 technology: all the game assets are exportable as NFTs on Solana and have value beyond the game itself. You can trade and purchase the following assets:

  • Monsters

  • Pranks

  • Environments

  • Items

  • WBucks

As you progress in the game, as previously mentioned, you'll gradually acquire rarer and more valuable assets.

Some assets will be available on WAX chain too.

In-Game Currencies

The in-game currencies are WBucks and Nuggets.

Only WBucks are integrated with web3 mechanics.

WBucks is not going to be a cryptocurrency, but it can be tokenized into an NFT that contains a fixed amount of WBucks.

The users can convert in-game WBucks in WBucks NFT, and the other way round.

The WBucks NFT can be only converted into fixed amounts. For example:

  • NFT Small - 1000 WBucks

  • NFT Big - 5000 WBucks

  • NFT Whale - 25000 WBucks

Numbers are provisional and may subject to change. More WBucks NFT sizes may be created to fulfill market needs


WBucks can be collected by:

Monsters Early Farming - PFP Staking

The Monsters PFPs can be staked both before and after the game release to access to exclusive perks and features regarding the game.

The staking is going to be managed fully on-chain with Solana Programs (smart contracts).

Staking the PFP will passively generate WBucks.

The longer the PFP is staked, the more WBucks it generates with time based thresholds. Every 7 days the generated WBucks amount increases by 5%, up to 50%.

Number are provisional and may subject to change.

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