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🆕 Learn more about Magic Eden branded items airdrop 🆕

Items are the furnishing objects that the player can collect through playing, or purchase within the in-game Shop.

Each Item has a Style Score, a description and a rarity.

Items can be placed into the Environment to increase the player's Style Score: the higher rarity, the bigger Style Score. Having the Item in the Inventory isn't sufficient to boost the Style Score. The player must apply the Item within the Environment. Once applied into the Environment, the Item becomes interactive, allowing the player to:

  • Position it anywhere in the Environment without limitations

  • Adapt its size, ranging from a min of 0.75% to a max of 1.25% of the original dimensions

  • Rotate

The higher the Style Score is, the higher the player's position will be in the leaderboard.

Item Bundles

In the game you will be able to collect items of different bundles. Bundles are item collections which have in common a main theme. They can be of the most various type: for the game launch more than 10 different bundles and 700 items will be available (some of which will be airdropped only to Monster PFP holders).

Magic Eden x Monster Rooms Exclusive Items Collection

We're partnering up with Magic Eden!

Yes, Monster Rooms side by side with the biggest NFT Marketplace for a special collab.

We're going to airdrop to all the Monster PFP holders exclusive Magic Eden branded items.

All the items will be NFT and playable within the game.

This is part of a series of big collaborations we're going to do in the following months!


Items can be found within Chests, or collected by playing the game. Items can be:

  • Standard

  • Limited Edition

Exclusive OG Items could be found within OG Whale Packs, a chest full of in-game assets that will be airdropped only to Monsters PFP holders. Learn more here.

All the Items, as well as the other in-game assets are exportable as NFTs and tradeable on the secondary market and backwards.

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