The Land of Wug

The Land of Wug is where all the action unfolds: a borderland harmoniously shared by humans and the nine original monsters families: Dinosauria, Vegetalia, Marina, Mythologia, Doggoshrooms, Xenos, Insectabellum, Bacteria and Elementalia.

During their initial interactions, monsters found themselves captivated by human culture, particularly by the concept of housing, and uncovered their latent sense of fashion.

They realized their desire for spacious, well-designed penthouses adorned with the most exquisite furniture. Over time, their evolution as interior designers reached such heights that they set the latest trend in Wug: Monster Rooms became the coolest style for everyone, including humans.

However, the initial admiration for human style and interior design transformed into a competition. Monsters now compete for who possess the most beautiful and well-furnished rooms adorned with the rarest items. A global style leaderboard has emerged, with humans and monsters of all kinds joining forces to claim the top spot.

The competition has grown so intense that monsters have begun infiltrating their neighbors' homes, playing mischievous pranks and disrupting the harmony of their rooms! Can you and your monsters ascend to the top of the leaderboard?

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