🐸Monsters PFP & Drop

1,800 animated PFPs | 160+ handcrafted designs | Drop on Solana

Collection Link: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/monster_rooms

Monsters are the most important asset, as they are your alter ego within the game!

Each Monsters has a Name, Family, Lore, Style Score and Original Design.

All the Monsters, as well as the other in-game assets are exportable as NFTs and tradeable on the secondary market and backwards.

The first Monsters, in fact, will be released as NFTs through the Monsters Drop! Monsters are going revolutionize the concept of PFP collections with a ton of utility features since day 1.

Monsters PFP Drop will be on Solana. Learn more here.

Monsters love to distinguish themselves: to create them we crafted 160+ unique designs, each with distinctive traits, animations and lores that make them unique. We didn't use a single model serving as a base, with the variable traits additions, as in most of the PFP collections: we designed all of them!

Plus, our amazing team of designers handcrafted a unique animation for each monster, making them even more unique and recognizable.

The 160+ base design will be combined with other unique elements, colours and background to complete the collection of Monsters. These unique Monsters will be distributed only through drop.

Drop - Monsters PFP

The first Drop will consist of the original 1,800 animated Monsters. Each monster will be part of one of the nine main families of the Monster Rooms world.

Mint Date: May 10th on Magic Eden (SOLD OUT) Mint Link: https://magiceden.io/launchpad/monster_rooms Supply: 1,800 Items Mint Price: 0.7 SOL NFTs: Animated Monster PFP Type: Monsters Order: Private - Pranklist - Public

Each Monster PFP will also be a Mythic assets, playable within the game. Learn more about Utility.

Monsters PFP Utility

All the holders of the Monsters PFPs will have a utility connected to the game and beyond. Namely:

  • Early Game Access

  • Airdrop of 1 OG Whale Pack (a huge chest full of in-game assets part of the exclusive OG collection, obtainable only through this airdrop)

  • Early Farming, all the Monsters collect a fixed amount of WBucks when staked, and Monsters staking will be activated right after the drop. Learn more about WBucks & Early Farming

  • Mythic in-game Assets, all the Monsters are not only playable but also Mythics within the game

  • Unique in-game Asset, as no other Monsters within the game will look exactly as the original ones

  • Whitelist for all the future Drops

  • 🆕 Magic Eden branded items airdrop 🆕 we're going to drop exclusive Magic Eden Items that we're handcrafting with the Magic Eden team thanks to our brand new collab! Learn more here.

  • 🆕 WUF token airdrop 🆕 we're going to airdrop WUF memecoin tokens for each Monster PFP in your Wallet thanks to our brand new collab with Wuffi! Learn more here.

  • 🆕 Polyverse token airdrop 🆕 we're going to airdrop Polyverse tokens for each Monster PFP in your Wallet! Learn more here.

  • 🆕 NFTV token airdrop 🆕 we're going to airdrop this new token on Solana! More info to be announced.

  • ... and counting!

Utility Stacks: the more PFPs owned, the more utility for the single owner.

Other Monsters could be found within game Chests but they will not be neither unique nor PFPs. They will be standardized.

How to get Pranklist spots

Up to 20% of the drop supply could be used for a private sale which will precede the Pranklist sale.

Each Pranklist spot guarantees the owner the purchase of one Monster PFP.

After the Pranklist phase, the Public drop will occur.

Pranklist spots are distributed to:

  • SOL communities

  • ETH communities

  • Taco community. Join Discord to know more.

  • Atlas3 (SOL), Alphabot (ETH) and other Contests and Giveaways.

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