Monsters are naughty

Pranks are how players can interact with each other inside the game.

Pranks are assets that can be used to disrupt other's Environment. Being pranked reduces the Style Score, and the pranker gains Wbucks for making it.

Each prank has a type, a description and a rarity.

The pranker collects a value of WBucks, based on the Prank type, rarity, and victim's Style Score. The victim also earns WBucks and gets back their original Style Score, when cleaning up the mess!


Pranks can be found within Chests, or collected by playing the game. Pranks can be:

  • Standard

  • Limited Edition

Exclusive OG Pranks could be found within OG Whale Packs, a chest full of in-game assets that will be airdropped only to Monsters PFP holders. Learn more here.

All the Pranks, as well as the other in-game assets are exportable as NFTs and tradeable on the secondary market and backwards.

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